Voter Registration forms are available through the Club’s Membership Committee. If you are not sure if you are already registered to vote, call Maricopa County Elections at


We are now in Legislative District 13 and Congressional District 8 and in the PebbleCreek Precinct.


PebbleCreek Home Owners Association Rules – Section 8
Section 8:    Property Exterior Appearance And Activities 

8.11    Signs.  Signs erected in PebbleCreek and Visible From Neighboring Property must meet the following guidelines:


(e)    Election Signs.  Homeowners may place commercially produced political signs indoors or outdoors on their property subject to the following conditions:


(1)  Signs may be posted seventy-one (71) days prior to and three (3) days following an election.

(2)  The HOA Board may adopt regulations regarding the size and number of political signs as long as the regulations conform to local ordinances.

(3)  The aggregate total dimensions of all political signs must not exceed nine (9) square feet.

(4)  No sign may be placed in the Common Areas.


This section of the PebbleCreek HOA Rules is provided for your convenience.  The full, printable Rules document is available in Governing Documents.